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One of our favourite writers – Philip Pullman – once said that you should to ‘Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.’ So we’ve putting together a list of historical books to read. If you have got a book you would like use to add to this list, email saying why you like the book and we will add it to our growing list of titles. Remember – the book has got to be about history (or the future) – sorry but that means no J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl or Jacqueline Wilson. Michael Morpurgo can come, but only if he’s on his Warhorse.

Across the Roman Wall by Theresa Breslin ISBN: 9780713674569

Pompeii by  Anna Claybourne    ISBN: 9780746068328

The Eagle of the Ninth  by Rosemary Sutcliff  ISBN: 9780192753922

I Am Spartapuss by Robin Price  ISBN: 9780954657604
Catligula by Robin Price  ISBN: 9780954657611
Die Clawdius by Robin Price  ISBN: 9780954657680
Boudicat by Robin Price  ISBN: 9781906132019
Cleocatra’s Kushion by Robin Price  ISBN: 9781906132064
Son of Spartapuss by Robin Price ISBN: 9781906132811
Eye of the Cyclaw by  Robin Price ISBN: 978190613283

Maze of the Minopaw by Robin Price ISBN: 9781906132828
Stars of Olympuss by Robin Price ISBN: Not yet published!

Jason! by Colston West

Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo ISBN 9781406348873
Beowuff and the Horrid Hen by Prof. Burns Longship ISBN:  9781906132385
Beowulf and the Dragon Raiders Prof. Burns Longship ISBN: 9781906132392

Stowaway by Julia Jarmon ISBN 9780007230884

Great Fire of London
Great Fire by John Chant ISBN 9781906132309

Order of the Furnace by Alex Keller  ISBN 9781906132316

Fairs Fair by Leon Garfield ISBN 9780750256513

World War II
Blitz by Robert Westall ISBN 9780007336654

The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall ISBN 9781447284161

Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian ISBN 9780141354801

Friend or foe by Michael Morpurgo ISBN 9781405233378

Demons of Dunkirk by Paul Nolan ISBN: 9781906132477

The Diamond Ship by Adrian Beckingham ISBN: 9781906132491

Folk Tales
The Legend of Tom Hickathrift by Jason Cobley ISBN: 9781906132446


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Great Fire by Jon Chant

Write Back In Time recommends:
“A magical thriller… brings the Great Fire of London to life.”
 Suggested age: 9-15
Maze of the Minopaw
Write Back In Time recommends:
“Spartapuss makes history fun, not dull.”
Suggested age: 6-8 years old