It’s the year 1558 and there’s a new Queen on the block. (Or should that be ‘a new Queen with a block’ – for head chopping purposes?) Anyway – Elizabethan explorers, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole ‘new world’ out there and Queen Elizabeth wants you to explore it. While you are out there, you can stock up on sugar, potatoes and gold. Especially gold! It won’t be easy. Did I mention the terrible dangers out there? You are living in The Golden Age of Piracy. Perhaps your hero can be Sir Walter Raleigh (and you are off to Virginia to ‘discover’ tobacco.) Or perhaps you are Sir Francis Drake and you are ready to sail around the world in your ship The Golden Hind. Or perhaps your name is Sir John Hawkins – one of the Elizabethan explorers who nobody remembers. When you are finished send us your story and we’ll add it to our Hall of Fame.

P.S. You could also choose your own character and write the story from the perspective of one of the people living in the ‘New world’ when the explorers arrived.

Write your own story about an Elizabethan explorer

Download the pdf: elizabthan_explorers_storymaker_blue2


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