Hey William the Conqueror? Are you ready to write a story about how brilliantly your Normans beat up the Saxons? Your victory at Hastings was one in the eye for King Harold! If you’re wondering why – check out the picture at the top of this page. Why not send us your story and we’ll add it to our Hall of Fame. If you don’t have time to type out your story, take a photo of the story and send us that.



Download this writing frame as a pdf: norman_storymaker


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Great Fire by Jon Chant

Write Back In Time recommends:
“A magical thriller… brings the Great Fire of London to life.”
 Suggested age: 9-15
Maze of the Minopaw
Write Back In Time recommends:
“Spartapuss makes history fun, not dull.”
Suggested age: 6-8 years old