The Dark Ages

By the year 410 AD the Romans had left Britain (well officially speaking anyway). Rome fell in 476 AD. The first Anglo Saxon king was Offa in 757. So what happened in the 350 odd years between those two dates? This period is sometimes called The Dark Ages because we are the dark about it. Here at Write Back In Time we love this time zone because it is the time of one of THE best myths ever told – The Legend of King Arthur. So wake up Merlin, grab Excalibur and wake up Lancelot and the Knights of the Round table. We want your stories about the Dark Ages!

Note: The web minions are still at work on this time period – so please check back soon. If they have not completed this section soon, they are dragon food!

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Great Fire by Jon Chant

Write Back In Time recommends:
“A magical thriller… brings the Great Fire of London to life.”
 Suggested age: 9-15
Maze of the Minopaw
Write Back In Time recommends:
“Spartapuss makes history fun, not dull.”
Suggested age: 6-8 years old