Time Machine Week

Really for something cool and chronological? Give your students a hands on feel for how different periods of history fit together by holding a Time Machine Week.

The idea is simple: each class takes part in activities based around different periods of history. It all builds up to an assembly where Time Machine travels across the hall of showing how the periods are brought together. Download our Powerpoint with artwork that you can customise and use in your hall.

  • Reception could drop in on The Dinosaurs
  • Y1 can blast back to The Big Bang
  • Y2 could say “Salve!” to the Romans
  • Y3 can buzz back to the Bronze Age
  • Y4 can check out the ancient Greeks
  • Y5 can visit the Victorians
  • Y6 can snoop on the Anglo Saxons


You can choose any topic you like for any year group. Every day, the school’s ‘Time Machine’ travels between different time periods. In an assembly at the end of the week, two Time Travelers  from each year will report about what they find in each amazing era.  Find out more about how it’s done and what the class will get out of it. There are fantastic cross curricular activities to be done – from building the Time Machine to singing a Time Machine song with the choir. And of course, each class can write stories about their travels in time. It could not be simpler – Write Back In Time has a writing frame from each Time Period (and three different levels of difficulty for each writing frame) and it’ll only take 1 hour to write a story.

Plus: Tell us about your Time Machine Week and win a visit from Write back in time authors Adrian Beckingham and Robin Price.

Time travelling robot

TIP: Get your class to build their own Time Traveling robots like this one by Scarlet, aged 10.

 9781906132040Lovereading.co.uk says:
“Non-stop adrenalin-fuelled drama

Viking story writing author eventViking Author Event

Great Fire by Jon Chant

Write Back In Time recommends:
“A magical thriller… brings the Great Fire of London to life.”
 Suggested age: 9-15
Maze of the Minopaw
Write Back In Time recommends:
“Spartapuss makes history fun, not dull.”
Suggested age: 6-8 years old